Yubisaki to Renren

Alternate Titles: A Sign of Affection, ゆびさきと恋々

Yubisaki to Renren
Yuki is a typical college student, whose world revolves around her friends, social media, and the latest sales. But when a chance encounter on a train leads to her meeting friend-of-a-friend and fellow student Itsuomi-san, her world starts to widen. But even though Itsuomi-kun can speak three languages, sign language isn’t one of them. Can the two learn to communicate the budding feelings between them? Yuki Itose is just a typical student dealing with the pressures of college. She is struggling one day on the train when an upperclassman named Itsuomi Nagi helps her out. As he gradually opens a new world to her, Yuki develops feelings for Itsuomi. A pure love story begins to grow.

Most Recent Episode: Yubisaki to Renren Season 1 Episode 12: Our World (Air Date: 3/23/2024)

Premiere Date: January 6, 2024
Air Time: 10:30 pm
Country: JP
Air Day: Saturday
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Official Trailer [Subtitled]

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