World Series of Dating

World Series of Dating
“World Series Of Dating” sees dating turned into a competitive sport, American style, with all of the sporting conventions that go with it – overblown graphics, music and scripted comedy analysis. The dates are real (real people on real first dates) and it all happens in ‘The Date Zone’. Women cast especially for the role sit in ‘The Date Zone’ waiting for their first guy to appear. From the moment the single men walk into the zone the women can decide to buzz them out of the game for whatever reason they wish. A referee then discusses the foul with the girl and decides whether the young man gets a warning or is sent packing (to be replaced by a rival). Also appearing throughout the show are two commentators who discuss and reflect on the action as it happens with super-slow mo replays and many other sporting conventions. Rob Riggle (Saturday Night Live, The Hangover) plays the role of American correspondent Doyle MacManus, who is a legendary dater himself with many a story to tell. UK correspondent James Chetwynd-Talbot (Tom Price) comments on the action; a nervous sports journalist he is unlucky with the ladies himself. The touchline reporter, played by comedian Thaila Zucchi, is on hand to grill the boys when they get buzzed out of the Date Zone. At the end of the series, one man will officially be crowned as Britain’s Greatest Living Dater.

Most Recent Episode: World Series of Dating Season 1 Episode 8: (Air Date: 5/14/2012)

Premiere Date: March 26, 2012
Air Time: 5:30 PM
Air Day: Monday

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