Wanrus Journey

Alternate Titles: 少年江湖 , I Don't Want To Be The Pugilistic Master , 我才不要當盟主 , 我才不要当盟主 , Wo Cai Bu Yao Dang Meng Zhu , Shao Nian Jiang Hu

Wanrus Journey
Xiao Ru is a naive and inexperienced wanderer in the martial arts world, only skilled in trivial combat techniques. She’s mischievous, impoverished, and cowardly, often resorting to deceit and trickery while being secretly helpful and kind-hearted. Suddenly, she transforms into a foolish young lady named Murong Zhuwan, who becomes the target of bullying. Ignorant about love, Xiao Ru encounters Murong Chong, the person she develops feelings for, and is reluctantly drawn into the conflicts of the martial world. She also encounters Fu Hong, who mistakenly believes he has been betrayed and harbors resentment due to love. Murong Chong, Zhuwan, and Fu Hong struggle to survive amidst various conspiracies in the martial world, and their conflicts intensify. While enjoying glory and power, the three of them bear pressure and responsibilities, growing in unfamiliar adversity. They become brave and resilient for the sake of love, striving together and ultimately conquering the martial world. An adventure begins with a mistaken identity after a nobody pretends to be the illegitimate daughter of the Murong family. Ever since Murong Zhuwan faked her identity to pretend to be from a prominent family, she is pulled into bloody disputes in the pugilistic world. Clueless about matters of the heart, she becomes enamoured by martial arts genius Murong Chong and also meets the gentle Fu Hong, whose love has turned to hate after thinking that he's been betrayed. Their experiences allow them to grow into chivalrous heroes who fight for the people.

Most Recent Episode: Wanrus Journey Season 1 Episode 24: Episode 24 (Air Date: 5/26/2023)

Premiere Date: May 26, 2023
Air Time: 12:00 am
Country: CN
Air Day: Friday
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