2025. Captain of the judicial police in Brest, Ludovic lost the love of his life, Mlanie, 27 years ago. The mother of their daughter Juliette died in what appeared to be an accident But suddenly, thanks to a time rift that opens inside a reconstructed crime scene in virtual reality, they can communicate between 1998 and 2025! Ludovic warns Mlanie: she will die in 11 days! But saving her from certain death means that Ludovic risks losing his life in the present, the one he took so long to rebuild: his new wife, Parvana and their son Sam… Two mysterious deaths. A rift in time. Sci-fi thriller about policeman Ludovic who risks everything when he tries to change the past.

Most Recent Episode: Vortex Season 1 Episode 6: Épisode 6 (Air Date: 1/10/2023)

Premiere Date: December 27, 2022
Casts: Tomer Sisley, Camille Claris, Zineb Triki, Eric Pucheu, Anaïs Parello, Sandrine Salyères, Ludovik Day, Léo Chalié, Julien Floreancig, Évelyne El Garby Klai
Air Time: 12:00 am
Country: FR
Air Day: Tuesday
Labels: watch vortex series online

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Vortex   saison 1 Teaser VF   Teaser

Vortex saison 1 Teaser VF Teaser

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