Chef Boot Camp

Chef Boot Camp
Chef Boot Camp, takes a deep dive into one of the most critical and essential elements of restaurants everywhere – the chefs running the kitchen.  The success of a restaurant starts and ends with the food they serve and trouble in the kitchen can jeopardize everything. Enter Cliff Crooks, Culinary Director of a global restaurant brand whose job entails making sure the entire enterprise runs smoothly, including hiring and firing the chefs for each kitchen. Now Cliff is taking his decades of expertise and embarking on a new mission to help struggling chefs from restaurants across the country prove that they deserve to keep running their kitchens. Nominated by their respective restaurant owners, each episode Cliff will put a trio of underperforming chefs through a grueling series of challenges to test their real-world culinary skills and fitness for the role. With their jobs on the line, these chefs will attempt to not only survive but thrive in Chef Boot Camp and prove to their owners they have the talent and passion it takes to succeed. Three struggling chefs embark on a three-day boot camp with Cliff Crooks who will assess their skills in the kitchen and their areas for improvement; he gets a firsthand look and taste of one of their signature dishes.

Most Recent Episode: Chef Boot Camp Season 2 Episode 8: Drop the Clutch from First to Third (Air Date: 5/26/2022)

Premiere Date: April 8, 2021
Air Time: 10:00 pm
Country: US
Air Day: Thursday

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