Castle in the Time

Alternate Titles: 時光之城, 时光之城, Shi Guang Zhi Cheng, Ai Yu Man Sen Lin, City of Time, Time City, Город времени

Castle in the Time
Meeting between a paleontology student and an established actor, resulting in a romance. Xu Zhen, optimistic and determined, seeks to reconcile her ailing parents by getting a job at, where her mother is a director. There, she witnesses Chi Jun's rejection by his ex-girlfriend. To protect his wounded ego, Chi Jun tries to push Xu Zhen away, but she wins his heart and becomes her personal assistant. However, Xu Zhen discovers a conspiracy at the company, putting it in danger. An encounter that brings a paleontology student together with an established actor and the romance that ensues. Xu Zhen is a bright and optimistic young woman who doesn't easily give up. In order to patch things up between her mother and her ailing father, she applies for a job at Jiang Ye Entertainment where her mother works as a Director and accidentally witnesses Gu Chi Jun getting coldly rejected by his ex-girlfriend yet again. In order to protect his huge and heavily-bruised ego, Gu Chi Jun does everything in his power to force Xu Zhen out so that she'll never have a chance to expose what happened to him. She wins him over instead and becomes his personal assistant. However, Xu Zhen also learns about a conspiracy within the firm and finds that she may be in danger.

Most Recent Episode: Castle in the Time Season 1 Episode 38: Episode 38 (Air Date: 2/21/2024)

Premiere Date: December 27, 2023
Air Time: 9:00 pm
Air Day: Monday

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