Building Off the Grid

Building Off the Grid
What do you do if you don’t trust the world around you? You build a new one. That’s the motto of Michael Reynolds, Architect and visionary that created the Earthship. Earthships are houses that are completely self-sufficient and totally off the grid with no electricity or water bills – ever. Michael Reynolds and his team of builders along with 50 interns, who have given up their lives to be part of this project, have just four weeks to build a house in Big Sky, Montana for Earthship enthusiast Jeff Saad. Michael and his crew battle nature and time to try and complete this amazing house on Building Off the Grid. Adventurers and their teams battle Mother Nature to build unique homes in remote areas. From unpredictable weather to encroaching wildlife, will they build in time to beat their deadlines?

Most Recent Episode: Building Off the Grid Season 13 Episode 1: Georgia Mountain Cavern (Air Date: 4/11/2024)

Premiere Date: January 26, 2014
Air Time: 8:00 pm
Country: US
Air Day: Tuesday
Season 13: Season 1 Episodes

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