Britains Best Beach Huts

Britains Best Beach Huts
Britain's Best Beach Huts sees craftsman Jay Blades and interior design fanatic Laura Jackson hunting for the most unexpected gems across Britain's coastline.These beautiful little buildings are a staple of the British seaside and with more than 20,000 of them dotted across our coastline and clifftops, their variety is as staggering as their number. Each week Jay and Laura battle it out to see who can find the ultimate beach hut on a specific theme, from 1940s time capsules to double-decker luxury. The duo find themselves in the country's most stunning and far-flung locations in a series that celebrates the wonders of our coastline and its residents with a surprise behind every door.

Most Recent Episode: Britains Best Beach Huts Season 1 Episode 2: Episode 2 (Air Date: 7/6/2023)

Premiere Date: June 29, 2023
Casts: Laura Jackson, Jay Blades
Air Time: 8:00 pm
Air Day: Thursday

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