Boys in Blue

Boys in Blue
Boys in Blue focuses on North High School's Polars football team, where mostly Black student-athletes are coached and mentored by members of the Minneapolis Police Department. The series follows the team as they navigate life after the tragic police killing of Floyd, a milestone event in American history that set off a national movement for social justice and police reform. Despite their differences, the officers and students find common ground on the field and kinship in the drive to win a state championship, establishing what they believe is a safe harbor from the violence and civil unrest of their community. As players and coaches return to the field with visions of championship glory, their sense of normalcy and optimism are tested like never before.

Most Recent Episode: Boys in Blue Season 1 Episode 4: Episode 4 (Air Date: 1/27/2023)

Premiere Date: January 6, 2023
Air Time: 8:00 pm
Air Day: Friday

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