Big Dogs

Big Dogs
In a violent, anarchic alternate reality of New York City besieged by financial collapse, and a surging crime wave, an underworld economy of \”speaks\” — illegal, debaucherous after-hours clubs linked by a web of taxicabs — is thriving.For extra cash, fashion photographer Renny has been moving party drugs through the taxi network for his boss, Reza, the local front man for an international crime syndicate looking to take over the city. When Renny is forced by Reza to step up his game as a dealer to a dangerous degree, he soon finds himself in the cross-hairs of both Reza and Detective Sixto Santiago, whose experimental NYPD unit is using undercover taxis to crack down on the chaotic drug trade. After Santiago’s commander Captain McKeutchen partners him with the mysterious and brutal new arrival Everett More, the two become entangled in a web of numerous government agencies and crime organizations circling a beleaguered New York, exposing a fight for control of both the city and the country at large. In a violent, alternate reality of New York City besieged by race riots, financial collapse, and a surging crime wave , an underworld economy of illegal nightclubs is thriving. Detective Santiago is tasked to crack down on these clubs. When he meets his new partner, Everett More, Santiago discovers there are numerous government agencies and crime organizations circling NYC and vying for control.

Most Recent Episode: Big Dogs Season 1 Episode 8: Into the Blurring Dead (Air Date: 7/1/2020)

Premiere Date: July 1, 2020
Casts: Michael Rabe, Manny Perez, Brett Cullen
Air Time: 12:00 am
Air Day: Wednesday

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Big Dogs - Trailer - Now Available

Big Dogs - Trailer - Now Available

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