Beauty Strategy

Alternate Titles: 美人攻略, Mei Ren Gong Lue, Mei Ren Gong Lve

Beauty Strategy
The Xuankun Continent used to be reigned by five clans. Six years ago, the five clans had a war where the Human clan defeated the other four and established their dominant position. During the war, Princess Shuoye of the Spirit clan managed to escape but was nowhere to be found. Six years later, she got into the humans' palace, disguised as Lingzhi to find out the truth about the extinction of her clan and rescue her clansmen who were imprisoned by the humans. In the dangerous palace, Lingzhi behaved carefully, played things by ear, and finally approached Mu Xuanjue, the emperor of the humans. As the two of them tested each other, they gradually had feelings. Lingzhi eventually found out the truth. In the end, she and Mu Xuanjue worked together to defeat the villains and achieve the goal that the five clans would live in peace and harmony together.

Most Recent Episode: Beauty Strategy Season 1 Episode 24: Episode 24 (Air Date: 6/27/2024)

Premiere Date: June 18, 2024
Air Time: 10:00 am
Country: CN
Air Day: Monday

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