Bad Host: Hunting the Couchsurfing Predator

Bad Host: Hunting the Couchsurfing Predator
This is the story of how a group of remarkable young women, unbeknownst to each other, were all victims of a predator who lured them to stay with him using Couchsurfing, a website where travellers can find trustworthy hosts to put them up in their homes for free. Tracing each other through the internet, the young women united and battled for 6 years, often in the face of indifference in their home countries, to bring him to justice.For each of the young women – from locations as far apart as California, Australia and Portugal – the promise of a perfect trip to one of the world's most iconic cities turns dark when they decide to look for a place to stay on the popular Couchsurfing website. Drawn in by the trustworthy profile of Leonardo', a serving Italian police officer with pages of positive reviews on his profile, each of them accepts his offer of a place to stay for the night.He seems the perfect host, generously showing them the sights, cooking for them and treating them to homemade Italian wine. But they leave his apartment confused, disoriented, and haunted by sinister flashbacks.Back home, some of the women try to forget until they receive an unexpected message online, from a stranger. That stranger was another of Leonardo's' victims who, like many of the women, had tried to report him without any success. Gradually, it becomes clear to the women, all now connected in a secret Facebook group, that Leonardo' had sexually abused and raped at least five women and drugged at least 15. It emerges that he has also been accused of sexually assaulting a minor. What started as a forum to share experiences becomes something different: a conversation about how to bring the perpetrator to justice, and a dynamic tale of bravery and tenacity against all the odds ensues.With exclusive access to many of the extraordinary group of women involved, who were in their teens and early 20s when they visited Italy, Bad Host: Hunting the Couchsurfing Predator tells the story of their six-year fight for justice, first hand and in all its rich and compelling detail.

Most Recent Episode: Bad Host: Hunting the Couchsurfing Predator Season 1 Episode 3: Episode 3 (Air Date: 12/23/2023)

Premiere Date: December 9, 2023
Air Time: 9:00 pm
Air Day: Saturday

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