This unlicensed, makeshift establishment in Abby’s backyard is the perfect gathering place for locals to find camaraderie and sanctuary. To maintain the perfect bar ecosystem, all patrons must abide by a specific set of rules. This includes no cell phones (not even to look something up), understanding that earning a seat at the bar takes time to rise through the hierarchy and knowing that losing a challenge may have some unpleasant and unpalatable drink-related repercussions. The best bar in San Diego is an unlicensed, makeshift bar nestled in Abby's backyard. There are rules at Abby's: no cell phones, not even to "look something up," earning a seat at the bar takes time, and losing a challenge means drinking a limey, sugary "not-beer" drink.

Most Recent Episode: Abbys Season 1 Episode 10: The Fish (Air Date: 6/13/2019)

Premiere Date: March 28, 2019
Casts: Nelson Franklin, Jessica Chaffin, Neil Flynn, Natalie Morales, Leonard Ouzts, Kimia Behpoornia
Air Time: 9:30 pm
Country: US
Air Day: Thursday
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