23.5 (2024)

Alternate Titles: 23.5 องศาที่โลกเอียง, 23.5 Ongsa Thi Lok Iang, 23point5, 23.5 Degree the World Incline, 23.5 Degrees the World Inclines, 23.5 When the Earth Is Spinning Around

23.5 (2024)
Ongsa, a loner all her life, falls in love at first sight with the more popular Sun. However, with the fear of being rejected, she decides to approach her under the pseudonym “Earth”. As Sun gets more and more curious about who Earth is and starts to fall for her, will Ongsa reveal herself to Sun? A popular student gravitates toward someone she only knows online, forcing her lovesick classmate to decide if she should reveal her true identity.

Most Recent Episode: 23.5 (2024) Season 1 Episode 12: Episode 12 (Air Date: 5/24/2024)

Premiere Date: March 8, 2024
Casts: Pansa Vosbein, Pattranite Limpatiyakorn
Air Time: 8:30 pm
Country: TH
Air Day: Friday
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[Official Trailer] 23.5 องศาที่โลกเอียง

[Official Trailer] 23.5 องศาที่โลกเอียง

23.5 องศาที่โลกเอียง | GMMTV 2023

23.5 องศาที่โลกเอียง | GMMTV 2023

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